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5280 Trimmers is the mile high leader in trimmer rentals, sales and maintenance in the Denver area. We carry all major trimmer brands like Twister, EZ Trim, Triminator, Green Broz and more! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is what sets us apart from the rest! And our pricing is unmatched! Our machines are always cleaned and maintained by our trained staff to assure you always have a pleasant experience with us. We offer daily trimmer rentals and offer pick up and delivery in Denver and its surrounding suburbs.

All products rented, sold and/or maintained by 5280 Trimmers, LLC are intended to be used in accordance with all existing laws and regulations. Neither 5280 Trimmers, LLC, its employees, nor its affiliates condone or promote in any way any use of their equipment that may be deemed illegal by any presiding or jurisdictional laws. 5280 Trimmers, LLC does not accept any liability or responsibility for damage caused to or by any product as a result of inadequate use or assembly. Read user’s manual, including all warnings or restrictions, before operating or using any equipment. Must present a valid Colorado ID at the time of pick-up.

Cleaning and Maintenance Available

5280 Trimmers will clean and maintain your trimming equipment. The standard cleaning rate is $150 per machine. All maintenance and any damaged equipment must be assessed before being issues a quote for pricing.


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I can not tell you how helpful, respectful and knowledgeable this team is. They were great in explaining everything in detail and even gave us a course on how to operate the trimmers we rented! I am now a customer for life.

Andrew Sullivan
We were looking to cut cost and time during the trimming process.  The team at 5280 Trimmers took the time to meet with us and plan out a strategy that not only saved us hundreds in trimming cost but also cut out trimming time in half.

Michael Harrington
We have dealt with other trimmer rentals in Denver and it had not been pleasant.  Our grow store suggested 5280 Trimmers and it has been a breath of fresh air! Machines are always clean and well maintained, customer service is unmatched and their prices are unbeatable

Kenny Hartwig